Europe poker tour

Long time ago, when I was young I used to travel with my dad all over the world. The usual tour with parents includes visits at parks and malls, the travels with dad were different.

My dad was a gambling addict since the day I remember him, when I was too young to join him he used to drive any second weekend to different casinos all over Europe. In evenings during the week he brought friends over and played card games all night.

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His favorite game was poker, he could play it all day and still earn money, we never had financial problem because of my father's "hobby". Every time he played poker at our house or at the casino he finished the evening with pockets full of money, he enjoyed the game and the money involved in it.

When I was 10 years old dad took me with him to one of his tours for the first time. I remember how we passed the roads, watching the view, I remember how I wanted to stop at shiny malls, playgrounds and toy stores but my father refused.

The minute I saw the first casino I forgot all the other places I wanted to visit, I just stood and looked at the lights. It was a big building with different light all over it, people with fancy cloths walked into the casino smiling and talking and when I look at my dad I saw a big smile, something I'm not used to see.

How to Handle Aggressive Online Poker Players

It will not take you very long to realize that there are a lot of very aggressive online Poker players, in virtually all kinds of limits and variants. While the general belief is that these players are difficult to beat, familiarity with certain Poker strategies will enable you to overcome these individuals.

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